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Custom Software

ABL partnering with Compro Services ( ) provides custom software development to complement an outsourcing solution. This is with a twin objective of meeting unique needs of customers that cannot be addressed by standard offerings and helping in enriching the outsourcing solution offered.

Our experts combine cutting-edge technology and tactical business knowledge to deliver reliable, dependable, customized and easy to use software applications. Our solutions have open, scalable architectures, which allows our clients maximum flexibility to evolve their business systems with minimal technology constraints.

For the Leasing vertical we developed a web-based software that spans the entire lease lifecycle encompasses origination of lease, documentation of lease, vendor management, banker and customer management and reporting, lease administration over its lifecycle, billing and collections, asset tracking, remarketing and credit scoring.

When it comes to the ever-changing leasing industry, competing successfully requires the most advanced and innovative solutions developed by people that understand leasing. We offer lessor’s a comprehensive suite of services which manages, distributes, and automates your commercial lease programs and enables your clients to apply for financing directly from your website. Our solution accelerates and enhances the commercial leasing experience by integrating and automating the entire process. Marketing, sales, origination, contract processing, documentation can all be done using a common web based processing platform quickly, securely, and cost-effectively and integrated office systems.

Major benefits to lessors include :

Customizable finance programs
Reduced processing costs and staffing requirements
Quick access to new markets
Increased client satisfaction and retention
Support for multinational currencies
Automatic lease classification
Simultaneous parallel valuation (US-GAAP, IAS, and local accounting rules)
Automatic fixed-asset updating, tracking and remarketing.

Customer support -- Seamless integration possibilities.

Internet financing -- Enables you to complete financing processes electronically .
Open architecture -- Provides easy integration with external services.
Flexibility -- Rules-based engines enable a high level of customization.
E-business readiness -- Covers the entire lease life cycle, from lease origination to contract management and financing, from asset management to customer service and equipment maintenance.
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