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Case for India

Economies of relocation will provide the driver for the next wave of BPO. Improvements in the reliability and security of the Internet, together with the declining cost of private data networks, mean that companies can determine how and where they place their resources. This helps ensure that they remain competitive in process efficiencies.

In India the scope for growth of BPO is enormous, based on the availability of highly skilled, computer-literate, English speaking professionals at a fraction of the cost of European or US equivalents. The information technology skills India offers are well known, but there is also a huge number of qualified accounting staff providing a high skill accounting resource. The case for India is strengthened by its western orientation, the steady liberalization of the economy, and government support for economic development. Some key learning’s are :

Significant cost savings are possible by moving the finance and accounting process or other transaction based processes to India where the talent is capable and cost effective.
Using emerging technologies reduce head count, producing even greater savings.
Developing a plug and play approach to finance and accounting outsourcing allowing the front office to change systems “at will” to help them remain competitive in a changing environment.
Corporations will discipline themselves to achieve these changes.
Cost is not the only motivator. So is flexibility and the ability to change.
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