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We provide complete complete domain knowledge for outsourcing in the Leasing Vertical. Our solution encompasses an end-to-end offshore Lease Lifecycle Management. It enables leasing companies to integrate activities throughout all stages of the leasing life cycle with its inception at the quotation stage traversing through the Contract Lifecycle and culminating in remarketing of the asset leased -- streamlining processes and maximizing return on investment. The business benefits of our solution include : .

Real-time financing quotations using the same information as the resulting contract.
Internet channels that enable customers to quickly configure equipment, get a quote, and place an order.
Contract Life-Cycle Management.
Increased revenues through an integrated approach that enables accelerated application processing.

Insight into customer needs and business metrics through integrated business intelligence, analytics, and reporting at each process.
Quicker response time to customer inquiries.
Enhanced customer service.
Contract management through lease life-cycle changes.
Flexible payment schedules and individualized payments.
Improved decision-making.
Automatic restructuring of mid-lease, early end-of-lease, and end-of-lease changes.
Web based asset tracking.
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