According to NASSCOM-McKinsey and KPMG-CII reports, organisations competing on costs alone would be compelled to provide more value added services to their clients. At ABL we realize the importance of value proposition, what good it is for us, if we were not to start this at our home.

At ABL, we consciously make an effort to shape employee paradigms to enhance productivity and quality of work life. Ongoing training programs reinforce the need to work in a multi-cultural and fast changing environment. We strongly believe in entrepreneurship and passionately drive the same in all our employees.

Some of the Dimensions of our Training Programs are as under :

Client Servicing : Our employees imbibe and nurture the nuances of this discipline within our organisation. Conscious effort is made to catalyse the learning curves of the employees by facilitating real life examples as a part of the Training Module. The sub-dimensions of Client Servicing are Corporate Communication, Feedback Mechanisms, Contingency Planning, and SLA Formulations. All of the above are integrated from a systemic perspective for enhanced learning and application.
Skill-Set Training : The driver for the Skill Set Training at ABL is to provide compelling value proposition for our clients. Our employees enhance their skill sets through training vehicles such as Case Studies and Role Plays with a rigid focus on the expected KRA. The training examples are often derived from real life Cases and hence integrate learning with application seamlessly. The dimensions of the Training Module are Domain Expertise Enhancement, Soft-Skills Vis a Vis Communication Skills, Interpersonal Skills and Entrepreneurship, Industry Knowledge and Market Intelligence. The outcome of the Training Module is to integrate employee development with the ongoing Productivity Requirements.
Counseling and Feedback Sessions : The ITES Market is associated with constant burnouts and sagging motivation levels. We have realized the necessity of Business and Social Responsibility of consultants to restore sanity to the most unusual workforces in the globe. Counseling and Feedback Sessions are an integral part of Training Program imparted to our employees for furthering the cause. In our own humble quest for bringing form to the Industry we have garnered a very strong good will in the industry.

Constant Improvement and Undying Fervor for excellence best summarise our training programs.

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