ABL Center

will relieve you of the ever-changing infrastructure burden, by making extensive use of modern technology to deliver world class services and allowing you to take advantage of :

A Best of Breed Network, hardware and software relevant to business we serve.
Best of breed Technology, Document Imaging, and workflows.
State of the art development and delivery centre.
Secure, redundant, and scalable infrastructure.
Trained, specialized support staff to serve your needs.
Access to your information anytime, anywhere International ergonomic design, workflow solutions 24x7 deliver capability.
Redundant power and telecommunication line.
State of the art servers, back up drives, disaster recovery plan, LAN, PCs.

We maintain complete data confidentiality and an extremely high degree of data security.

Staying ahead of the computer viruses, corporate network penetrations and internal security breaches is a never-ending process.

Physical Protection

The work area for team is carefully isolated from others so that total privacy and confidentiality can be maintained, even between two teams servicing different clients. The server room is guarded using an access control system,

Technical Measures

Technical protection is assured by a tight access policy enforced by passwords, firewalls and antivirus measures.




Most of our customers use midsized enterprise level applications. Instead of switching to other applications, we prefer to make use of their applications from our centre using a thin client approach over Citrix Meta Frame or similar terminal software.

Document imaging / viewing

The process of offshore client servicing for some processes is based on digitizing paper documents and accessing / transferring them to our centre in India.

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