ABL & Intaact  

We provide cost effective offshore accounting outsourcing services for Intacct customers, outsourcers, and ISV partners. ABL is unique in being able to provide these services given our four year history of using Intacct and our certified staff.

Intacct customers and partners need to ask themselves….
“How can I save money, focus on my core business, scale my staff and work with
an Intacct solution provider?”
ABL’s Intacct Offshore Services is the answer! Consider the following service options…
Accounting Data Entry Services
  • ABL provides cost effective transactional data entry services.
  • Example… invoice data entry
  • Intacct BPO Services
  • Comprehensive BPO services, customized to customer’s needs. Assess needs,     design and execute service plan.
  • Example… back office services for franchises

  • What is a typical workflow? Notice the simplicity of the “offshore invoicing workflow”…
    If you're interested in these services, check out these tremendous benefits…
    Significant Cost Savings
  • 1/3rd of your internal costs
    Ability to Focus On Core Functions
  • Free your staff to focus on “customer facing” functions
  •   Potential Additional Services
  • Traditional and transformational outsourcing, and dedicated facilities
  • Intacct Customer
    “We've worked with ABL for over four years, using the Intacct system, to handle all of our Asia Pacific leasing business. They are a critical partner to our success.”
    Stein Grein, Captive Finance, CEO
    Intacct Outsourcing Partner 
    We've had a great experience with ABL, with invoice batches often being turned around overnight, costs at 1/3rd our internal rate, and the ability for our staff to work on other important tasks.”
    Brian Peterson, CMA Outsourcing, Delivery Mgr. 
    Intacct Outsourcing Partner 
    We like the idea that an offshore service option exists for our customers to consider, specializing on the Intacct platform.
    Allen Engstrom, CFO Network, CEO
    Intacct Management 
    “Intacct welcomes a proven offshore solution for our customers and partners… one that has strong Intacct experience, helps customers to cut costs and to focus on their core value proposition.”
    Bob Jurkowski, Intacct, CEO
    If you're interested in knowing more about these services, like receiving the Intacct Offshore Services presentation, and and the benefits discussed, please contact Michael Robb.

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